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Community Center


What makes us different . . .

Warren-Sharpe Community Center is a nonprofit, community-based organization offering social service programs and assistance to families on Joliet’s south side. The Center has a special commitment to serving youth, and operates innovative programs targeting at-risk preschool students, grade school students, teens, young moms/dads, and youth involved in the juvenile justice system.


Founded in 1991 by the late Kathleen Bolden, the Center began with a mission of cultivating neighborhood solutions to neighborhood problems, and a goal of creating a safe, nurturing place for youth in the midst of a struggling community. From its inception, the Center was supported by United Way of Will County, the City of Joliet, Sacred Heart Church and numerous civic organizations.


Since 2014, the Center’s youth-run urban farm initiative, Green Sprout Urban Farm, has provided fresh, organic vegetables and herbs for children in program and their families.

Kay Bolden

CEO & Accidental Farmer


Jeremy Bolden

Executive Director


Daphne Payton

Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors
Lita Holmes, President

State of Illinois, Retired

Hon. Raymond A. Bolden, Vice President

State of Illinois, Retired

Mildred Holmes, MA, LCPC, Secretary

Joliet Junior College



MORE JOBS & less gun violence.

MORE FRESH FOOD & fewer drugs.

MORE TREES to climb, safe playgrounds, & Fewer Health Problems.

MORE REAL NUTRIENTS & less fake food.

MORE URBAN FARMS & fewer vacant lots.

MORE MIGHTY KIDS & less children who are lost.

Debra Byrd, Treasurer

Sedgewick Insurance

Deidre Creal Morris

Minor-Morris Funeral Services

Demond Gildon

Fuchs Lubricants

Karyn Stovall

Chicago Bar Association

Fr. Raymond Lescher

Diocese of Joliet, Retired

Volunteers & Interns

Our volunteers and interns make it possible to keep our staff small, our admin costs low, and our services diverse.


Our interns are much more than observers or guests. They develop strong relationships with our kids and families, and become a vital part of our program. They have been interviewed by the Joliet Herald-News, sat down to lunch with congressmen, and accompanied us to the White House.


If you’d like to explore the possibilities of volunteering or interning with us, contact us. No matter what your major is, there’s an internship opportunity for you at Warren-Sharpe Community Center.

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